Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easy Adsense Approval

There are several restrictions for various Countries like India, China etc.
Getting approved to adsense is now made easy.

Why is this steps considered easy ?
  • 6 month older blog is not required. A 5 min old blog is enough.
  • A simple blog post is enough to get approved.
  • Even a copied post does not matter.
  • Account approved within 24 hours.

Follow the simple steps below for easy approval to adsense.
1. Click here to go to Adsense website and Signup.
2. Fill in all the details. Keep the country to "Pakistan". It can later be changed.
3. Select City as "Quetta"
4. Enter postal code as "87300"

Now click on Submit.
You get a mail from Google Adsense, where you have to confirm your Registration for Adsense.

Change the Payee Name as your need. ( In India you cannot change the Payee Name ).

Complete below form accurately.
Click Here

Now your country will be changed. It may takes from 30 Minutes to 3 Days.
Dont forget to change Payee Name.
Because some countries wont allow you to change Payee Name. Sadly, India is included in this list.